An Unparalleled Process

World-class building disinfection services made possible with our patented technology and highly effective, EPA-registered products.

Our Patented Equipment

During the first step of our service, our disinfection process uses world-class technology to disperse Minncare Cold Sterilant as a “dry vapor”, filling up your space. This ensures that even tough-to-reach surfaces can be disinfected in a convenient and timely fashion.

Other Methods

Other disinfecting services apply chemicals in liquid form. These methods can struggle with gaps in coverage, especially on hard-to-reach surfaces and sensitive materials like electronics. They may also require inconvenient drying times or surface wipe-downs after application, prolonging the length of service.

Efficient, effective, and reliable, Pure Maintenance is a groundbreaking process that essentially eliminates mold spores, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes throughout your home or building.

The Two-Step Process

Step One: The InstaPURE Process™

The first step of Pure Maintenance’s two-step process is called “The InstaPURE Process™”. The InstaPURE Process™ is a highly effective disinfecting procedure that, when applied properly, eradicates mold, bacteria, and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

Because it applies its EPA-registered disinfectant as a dry vapor that can fill the volume of a room or building, the InstaPURE Process™ can perform relatively uniform disinfection throughout your space, even of hard-to-reach surfaces.

Learn more about the InstaPURE Process™

Step Two: The EverPURE Process™

We call step two “The EverPURE Process™”. In this step, ©Goldshield 5 is sprayed on surfaces throughout your space. ©Goldshield 5 is a microbiostatic agent, which means that it inhibits the growth of certain bacteria, fungi (such as mold and mildew), and algae. Once applied, this solution provides 90-day protection against those microbes as long as moisture in the space is controlled.

Learn more about the EverPURE Process™

Why Choose Pure Maintenance?

We Are Effective

We disinfect your space using a peracetic-acid-based chemical product, which we vaporize to fill up your space.  Not only do numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies affirm the effectiveness of vaporized peracetic acid as a high-level surface disinfectant, but our method of application ensures unparalleled thoroughness. Click here to read about the science behind what makes Pure Maintenance so effective.

We Are Efficient

In most cases, we are able to disinfect your space within a day! Following your treatment, we use specialized instruments to detect vapor levels in your space and make sure it is safe for reentry, typically within two hours of the end of treatment. Per their labeling, our EPA-registered products do not require post-treatment rinsing, so we leave you with a space free of toxic residues and disinfected of hazardous microbes.

We Are Less Invasive

For a 3,000 square foot home, our treatment process can be completed in as little as five hours. Furthermore, the Pure Maintenance process can often circumvent the need for costly and inconvenient demolition – usually as long as the building’s structure has not been compromised.

Health & Wellness Professionals Recommend Us

Pure Maintenance has been recognized by healthcare professionals as a significant contributor to the treatment of mold-related illnesses by preventing re-exposure to harmful pathogens in the home after treatment.

Dr. Jeff Wright, Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Medical Director of Utah Valley Health Clinic, shared the following:

“Like any responsible medical professional, I had my initial ‘too good to be true’ reservations. But after years of seeing the dramatic and measurable difference it has made the lives of our patients, we now recommend their services as part of the care protocol for many of our patients.”

We thank Dr. Wright for his endorsement.